From The Desk of The Editor-in-Chief

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It is our pleasure to present to you Volume 5, Issue No.1 of The Journal of Finance, Banking and Investments (JOFBI) from the Department of Banking and Finance, Abia State University, Uturu. Together with its sister journal The Journal of Finance and Economic Research (JOFER) Volume 4. No. 1, 2019 from the same Department, we do hope you will find the rich menu of articles in these Journals very enriching and stimulating.

In line with current trends, the Journals are now online and open-access enabling our authors to have global visibility which ensures exchange of ideas and research outputs on a global and sustainable scale. Given these changes and a refocused Editorial Board, the Journal of Finance,
Banking and Investment will be published quarterly and regularly. You are most welcome to access the Journal online by visiting our website Additional
information on Authors Guidelines, Submission Procedure, Subscription, Publication Fees and Payments Procedure are as provided in the Guidelines Section.

You are therefore invited to read through in this edition and subsequent editions, the collection of the articles which have gone through our rigorous review process and spanning a wide range of topics in diverse areas of Finance, Banking, Economics, Finametrics and General Business. Your comments in the form of Reviews or Reactions will be most welcome.

Thank you.
Prof Onyemachi Maxwell Ogbulu