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Archive – Vol. 2 No. 1 2009

VOL. 2 NO. 1 2009

Stock Prices And Exchange Rate Movements: The Case Of Nigeria. by Ogbulu, O. M. & Paul Ndubuisi. 1-17.
The Impact of Public Education Expenditure on Economic Growth In Nigeria (1990-2008): Evidence From Bivariate And Multivariate Regressions by Sunday Ukeje Okanta. 18-34.
An Evaluation of Internet Banking In Nigeria by A.E. Osuala, & J.U. Ihendinihu. 35-48.
Development Imperatives of Government Policies On Entrepreneurship In Nigeria by B. Chima Onuoha. 49-63
Bank Performance Efficiency And Stock Market Returns In Nigeria and Ghana: Is There Any Relationship? by Ama, Godwin Agwu Ndukwe. 64-76.
Inward Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Influence On Skill Upgrading In The Developing Countries Labour Markets by Obidike Paul C. 77-86.
The Marketing Concept And Corporate Strategy: A Reflection by Ikenna Chukwu. 87-93.
Nigeria’s Economic Growth And The External Debt Question: An Integrated Statistical Approach by Vincent N. Ezeabasili & Hamilton O. Isu. 94-115.
The Impact of Black Market Exchange Premium On The Inflows Of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) In A Liberalized Economy: The Nigerian Case by Ogbulu O. M. & Paul Ndubuisi. 116-128.
An Assessment of Poverty Alleviation Policies And Programs In Nigeria Since Independence by Cookey, A. E. 129-141.
The Investigation Of The Impact Of Import Tariffs On Poverty Reduction In Nigeria by Eboh, F. E. & Uma K. E. 142-166.

Scope And Efficacy Of Banking Sector Reforms In Nigeria Since The 1950S: An Appraisal by Hamilton Isu. 166-180