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Archive – Vol. 3 No 1, 2017

Vol. 3 No 1, 2017 – ISSN: 2251-015X

Stock Markets and Economic Growth: Does Volatility Matter? Ogbulu, Onyemachi Maxwell & Arewa, Ajibola. 6-14

Capital Adequacy Measures and Bank Financial Performance in Nigeria: A Cointegration Analysis. Torbira, Lezaasi Lenee & Zaagha, Alexander Sulaiman 15-34

Fiscal Deficits and Price Level Stability in Nigeria: Long-Run Intertemporal Optimization Model Analysis. Okanta, Sunday U. & Ogbulu, Onyemachi Maxwell 35-51

Fiscal Policy Behaviour and Domestic Financial Market Stability: Agenda for Stabilization in Nigeria. Torbira, Lezaasi Lenee & Coxon, Ledor Lenaata 52-70

Monetary Policy and Bank Lending Performance in Nigeria: A Long-Run Multivariate Analysis. Okanta, Sunday U. 71-80

Impact of Fraud on Risk Assets of Nigerian Commercial Banks. Osuala, Alex Emmy, Opara, Confidence Chinwe & Okoro, Charles Emmanuel 81-96

Fiscal Policy and the Nigerian Economy: An Empirical Evaluation. Agbonkhese, Abraham O. & Agbonkhese, Kingsley A 97-109

Ownership Structure Dominance, Risk Taking and Bank Performance in Nigeria. Aihie, John Abieyuwa & Asekome, Mike Ozemhoka 110-118

An Analysis of Factors Affecting Leverage for Nigerian Deposit Money Banks: An Empirical Exposition. Paul, Ndubuisi 119-124

Empirical Analysis of Total Factor Productivity Changes in Nigerian Commercial Banks. Asekome, Mike Ozemhoka & Aihie, John Abieyuwa 125-133

Foreign Directors and Firm Performance: An Empirical Study of Banks in Nigeria. Emeni, Anita Ashinedu & Emeni, Francis Kehinde 134-140

Engagement and Management of Migrant Workers for Sustainable Crop Farming by Households in South-Eastern Nigeria. Osuala, A.E. Onoh, U. A Emerole, C. O 141-148.

Credit Flow versus Small and Medium Enterprises Growth: Do Banks Play Intermediating Role? Nkwede, Friday E. & Omogu, Augustus O. 149-163.

Foreign Direct Investment and Nigeria’s Growth Revisited: A Co-Integration Analysis. Agbonkhese, Abraham O. & Agbonkhese, Kingsley A. 164-177.

Impact of Motivation on Employees’ Performance in Health Institutions: An Assessment of Government- Owned Hospital of Kaduna State, Nigeria. Dabo, Zainab & Madumere, Ifeanyi 178-189

Monetary Policy- Growth Nexus in Nigeria: An Empirical Analysis. Paul, Ndubuisi Ph.D. 190-201

Electronic Banking and Profitability of Commercial Banks in Nigeria. Eze, Gbalam Peter & Egoro, Steven 202-222.